Architectural planning team
We are a unique Engineering company working under one umbrella of EGEC.GE
Eladawy Group Endless Consultations . Global Expertise
Group of Companies established to provides Endless Consultations, starting from Engineering Consultations, Facility Management, Services Support, and Hospitality, we are located at Tbilisi and Doha.
EGEC.GE-Engineering considered as the beginning of start-up our first step into business, via establishing our office at Tbilisi, to be a multi-disciplinary company providing full services across all related work; for Engineering and Services Support, covers but not limited to, Engineering Professional Services, Design Consultancy Services, Supervision Consultancy Services, and Services Support for Construction, Legal, and Accounting Services. To allow us to be the Hub between our clients at Georgia and Qatar, with the main target to cover all the needs and services for Investors and their projects in Georgia.
Our Business Plan is to start working in all directions, dimension, and scales “small, medium, and mega projects”. Currently, our services cover projects at Tbilisi and Doha, we successes to agree with our partners, clients, investors, and Georgian and Qatar about our business framework, agreements covering all related work and Marketing Services for mega projects.
We aims to be involved in a wide range of projects for most of the esteemed governmental and private sector institutions, we provide our services targeting the highly appreciated quality and client satisfaction, our staff selected to be a front image of our company.
Engineering Jobs:
For all job seekers who’s looking to join our Engineering Company at Tbilisi, Georgia – Doha, Qatar, please send your CV with the target job tittle to and our concerned person will call you back.
Currently Hiring for: Please download our Jobs-brochure for the available jobs from the following list. 
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